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IPS Moldshields™ prevent your parts from scattering randomly within the mould open space by keeping them within the desired “drop zone”.

Moldshields™ are a crystal clear plastic curtain which attaches to either side of the mould using magnets. As the mould opens and closes, the Moldshield™ expand and contract to provide a curtain that prevents moulded parts from falling outside the drop zone. The crystal clear plastic allows you to observe your moulding area, and monitor your parts production in progress. With an in-service life expectancy of three million cycles, Moldshields™ have a rapid pay back based on scrap reduction and increased good production output. Since Moldshields™ are easily attached and removed as necessary, they can be quickly moved from press to press to meet changing production demands or simply removed in seconds for equipment maintenance purposes.

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Moldshield Features and Benefits

Part Number

Size wide x high

* US Patent # 4,848,437


20x60 cm

* Eliminates Contamination


30x60 cm

* Increases Profits


40x60 cm

* Easy Installation


50x60 cm

* Quick Access to the mould


60x60 cm

* Movable to Other Presses


80x60 cm

* Reduces Scrap


100x60 cm

* Can Be Used on Multiple moulds


120x60 cm

Moldshields™ are easy to install and remove, with some assembly of hardware required. Each Kit contains 2 Moldshields™, mounting hardware, and the required number of attaching magnets for the model of shield.

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